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Our libations are unpasteurized and need to be kept refrigerated for best enjoyment.

Do you ship your products?

Yes, check out our Vinoshipper page to purchase outside of our distribution area.

Where can I find your products?

Check out our Find Us page for more information.

In 14th century England how much ginger could I trade for a sheep?

Roughly one pound.

I’m a business, how can I carry your products?

Awesome, let’s be friends, head over to our wholesale page and drop us a line.

Is Ginger Libation actually beer?

According to the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau Ruling 2008-3 and the Internal Revenue Code, Ginger Libation is considered a “Beer made without malt or hops.” So legally yes, but technically no.


Katalyst Kombucha
Ginger Libation

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