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All of us at Artisan Beverage Cooperative are extremely excited to offer an opportunity to invest in the growth and expansion of our business. Our transition to a worker-owned cooperative was a tremendous development in our business model, and we want to continue to increase the impacts that we have on the local economy and cooperative business globally.


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Your investment will increase our capacity to serve our mission

  • Trade directly with local farmers whenever possible and purchase internationally from democratically-organized small farmer cooperatives
  • Pay producers a price that provides them with a stable income enabling them to invest in their communities.
  • Provide high-quality products
  • Support regenerative farming practices
  • Build a democratically-run cooperative workplace
  • Develop environmentally sound business practices


Your investment will allow us to expand and improve our operation

  • Upgrade our facility including new bottling equipment, fermentation tanks, and many other items that will increase production capacity, efficiency, and safety
  • Increase our marketing and sales work by adding additional sales staff
  • Transition to a new bottle that requires significant investment in a large glass purchase (250,000 bottles)
  • Offer Ginger Libation in 4-packs
  • Build a beautiful tasting room to allow the general public to try all our products and purchase directly, as well as create a warm inviting space to connect and socialize
  • Redeem outstanding stock held by original owners in the transition to a worker-owned cooperative


How does this all work?

  • Shares of non-voting preferred shares are available to Massachusetts residents
  • Shares cost $10 each with a minimum investment of $2,500
  • Investors receive a target dividend of 5%, assuming good financial performance.


Risk Factors

  • Investing in the securities described herein may be considered speculative and involves risk.
  • No assurance can be given that an investor will realize substantial return on investment, or any return at all.
  • Potential investors should not invest if they are not prepared to lose their entire investment.

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Will Savitri, Worker-Owner

This is not an offer to sell securities. Offers are made only by prospectus. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not recommend or endorse the purchase of these securities.